The Gods of Man

The Gods cam through the Riftlands portal long ago. They elevated Man above the beasts, and are rightly venerated. They guided the hands that built the First Kingdom, and gave the gift of magic to the world. When the treachery of mortals sparked a war among the Gods, the people of the First Kingdom were divided, with different families swearing allegiance to different Gods.

After a thousand years of strife, when little remained of the Old World, a truce was struck. The Gods retreated behind the veil, at the heart of the Riftlands. They still empower their people, offer them guidance and protection. As long as there is no direct influence, the peace will last. There are nine major Gods, each the patron of a different nation.

DEIPHOS is the patron of Caledon. Deiphos is the torch-bearer of Order, and in his name the Caledonian Empire has arisen. A mighty nation of millions of souls, and ever-expanding, Caledon would engulf the world if given the chance. The followers of Deiphos bring learning, law, and order to the lands they conquer, banishing the pagan worship of local spirits and stamping out all traces of the arcane arts. Those trained at the Arcanum are still welcome with the borders of the Golden Empire, in accordance with ancient treaties, though they are watched closely.

RHATTA The goddess of fortune and knowledge, who gave humanity the gift of writing. She prizes learning in all areas, as do her followers. As a consequence, she is the keeper of a great many secrets. She gives her blessing to the University Arcanum, where the worthy may become privy to the Mysteries of Rhatta, and learn to bend reality to their will through applications of Artifice, Spell-casting, Enchantment, and Alchemy.

CALIXOS The three-faced, fickle god of the sea. Patron of Galtea. The Galteans, able to call on the blessings of Calixos, have the greatest Navy in the world. The such protection is only earned by the pious, however. His favorites are known as the Wind-Callers, and they are responsible for ensuring their fleets obey the Laws of the Sea, making sacrifice in the name of Calixos when appropriate. It is said ships under the command of a Wind-Caller dance upon the water, and are unsinkable.

RAVIS Patron of Strya, sometimes called Setra. Ravis is the Mediator of the Gods, a master of language and deal-making. His followers are famed as diplomats and spies. The Court of Ravis is the heart of a complex, many-layered government with a mix of hereditary titles, elected officials, and position assigned or won in various ways. Known for this love of politics and persuasion, Ravis is also known to tempt mortals to their doom, offering what they desire most in exchange for their soul.

LIRRID The God of the Wild. The Great Spirit of the forest and stones, and the animals that dwell there. He watches over all who travel in the wild places. His people live in Torrigar, a mountainous land to the west. Lirrid is the companion of all lonely travelers and herdsmen, and offers aid to all who can quiet their souls and listen. Many Crannog tribes live in Torrigar. Some of them are even allowed into the flock of Lirrid, though many more still live the Old Ways. Those that live on the inland plains of Torrigar are also masters of the Horse.

SATURAL The God of Storms, Sky, and Birds. Spiteful of Calixas, these two gods fight for control of The Wind. Satural is known as the all-seeing and is feared for his wrath. His followers are also feared, his Reavers sail far and wide in the north. Those with Satural’s blessing have even sailed into Galtean ports to plunder. Known in whispers as the God of Spite and Rage to those outside his lands, and proclaimed the Heavenly Warrior by the Valnorans who venerate him.

KERVEL The Lord of Strength and Courage. He favors those who have strength of body and strength of spirit, and teaches his followers to be self-sufficient and bold in the face of danger. Kervel demands that warriors who fight in his name do so with honor. This attitude has lead to a culture with a professional army, prevalent folk wrestling and mock-fighting. The Skaldian mercenaries are world-class fighting men who serve all over the world. They have no qualms with fighting on opposite sides, but will never fight each other directly. Kervel is known to take the form of a great badger, and some of his greatest champions will go into battle with nothing but a simple badger pelt to protect them.

MITRA The Goddess of Time and Destiny. She is the matron of oracles and healers, and her Grand Temple is in the land that bears her name. She is a shield for the innocent. Many Mitrians are mystics who lead lives of simple values. Mitra does not allow her people to conduct warfare except in their own defense, and remains neutral politically. The Medica in Caleen is probably the greatest center for learning besides the University Arcanum, and produces the world’s only real physicians.

THE UNKNOWN The old God who was the patron of the Kingdom of the the Eastern Shore. A bloody lord who demanded human sacrifice and impressed upon his people a lust for power. The Eastern Magi rose against him and slew him. It is said they ate the corpse of their god of power and became the immortal Archmagi. The Eastern Kingdom was destroyed, its lands now divided among the land of the Aelnir – blood of the Magi – and the annexed lands of Caledon. Old temple of the Unknown God dot the eastern landscape.

The Gods of Man

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